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Thread: Dint got my payment ...

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    Exclamation Dint got my payment ...

    Hello Arx

    Ivent got my payment yet... ive sended 22,25 euro to get 175942 ZP, (thats what the payment layout saids)

    to moneytun LLC ;IBAN; With my ;Name- ;IBAN;

    used Transer from eu banks ! Ive waited 7 days includes saturday and sunday... It said to wait 3-5 days But today 13-dec and still nothing ...

    This post was on [ Date: 13.12.2016 в 13:04 ]

    it was a ticket ... And no one ever responds to it... its now 28-dec made my acc for this forem today Cuz
    The admin closed it idk why !!\

    And still havent got shiit from my payments... did arx robbed me Sould i put charges on them ? im going to do it with force...

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    yep i would not reply to thiss treat too -,-

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    There have been some errors in past days and you will receive your codes as soon as the errors are fixed.
    Also better post your thread here

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