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Thread: my clan is not work I needit help !!

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    Exclamation my clan is not work I needit help !!

    this is proplem ? Help!

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    known problem,it will be fixed soon

    about your issue, please visit Support
    by Thor.

    by the way post in technical support next time, it's made for in-game problems.

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    Hay Guys I am [Bot]Novice i have a clan my Clan is D0MINATI0N i cant see my Clan Member and i cant leave the Clan pls help me GM pls
    and i cant on Forum write a Support ticket pls help me with this bug pls with my Clan i cant leave i dont see my Clan member pls GM
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    Send a ticket and wait that's the right thing to do.

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    I cant make a ticket

    pls help me so i cant make a ticket my main have a clan Bug clanname is D0MINATI0N i cant see my clan member and i cant kik out from my clan this is bugged Roma Help and fixxed this pls name [Bot]Novice

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    You need someone to create a ticket for you now ? It`s impossible .. Clan owner must create the ticket so GM`s can check it and help you . Nobody else is allowed to sent a ticket in order to solve someon`s else problem .

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