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Thread: Small Sugg

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    Small Sugg

    1- Make Knife Do 0 Dmg In Sniper Mode(S)
    2- Fix Chained Blade Beast (Cant See Enemy Attack With It)
    3- Make Eg Sever Because Ping Too Much Bad For Egys
    4- Return Halloween 2015 Carets
    5- Remove Duel Colt Ult Gold From Rewards For New Players
    6- Add D.e Ult Gold Or D.e Canadian For New Players
    7- Try To Upgrade Your Facebook Page And Put Moderator For It
    And Tell Players The Events , Updates And News It Will Be So Good
    8- Make Your Own Add And Put It On Facebook (Sponsored)
    9- Make Youtube Channel And But Your News And Add And Every Thing In It
    Even Game Plays
    10- But A Vip Award For New Players (For Time 30 Days Minimum)
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    1. big -
    2. Frost will fix it
    3. If you will pay for dedicated server, maybe they make EG server
    4. AHAHAHA! Special 4 u Frost will shutdown server for Maintenance and add this capsule
    5. W8 when they change reward 4 new players
    6. Look point 5
    7. If page in facebook is old for nowadays, you can check public in VKontakte
    8. If they want it, they do it
    9. Fucking smilegate will send strikes and youtube ban channel
    10. I agree with you, but VVIP for 7 days, not 30 days

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