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Thread: 3 VVIP bugged weapons

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    3 VVIP bugged weapons

    1st-Chained blade-Beast: no one can see if the user is pressing right click or left click. So that is so op in Knife match.
    2nd-Gatling gun infernal dragon: same problem no one can see if the user is pressing right click or no.
    3rd-M4A1-S-Iron Beast L2: no one can see the 3 right clicks and the last 2 count as the first one(I mean that in Na if I kicked someone with the bottom of the weapon the players will see that someone was kicked with the butt of the M4A1~~~L2,and the same with the 2nd one.
    Please fix it.
    And I notice other bugs, I can tell u about it if u want.
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    idk if an94 vip knife animation is fixed, i will check it later

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